our fellooows – our flooock

Three columns of the same buoyancy but with different shapes carry Mooo Pictures GmbH. Three equal members sharing the same passion. Nevertheless we underline our individuality through using our unique talents.



Martin Fankhauser
Martin's passion for writing and his keen sense for aesthetic brings in a great value for creating and producing our movies. Born in the Tyrol he loves to laugh and forces his surrounding to smile. Martin’s expert knowledge lays in marketing and managing projects of international size, since he worked as CEO of an Alpine tourism region before he became a self-employed person since then.


Martina Herzog
After finishing her Master of Arts Martina completed our team of  Mooo Pictures. She lifts the quality of our work with her attention to detail and her uplifting personality. She always says what she thinks but with her knowledge of harmony nobody resents her openness.


Reinhard J. Steiner
At the age of twelve, Reinhard produced his first film and ever since then he knew, he is born for this. Starting 1997 with working in the National Broadcaster in Switzerland he founded several start ups and produced ad-spots, corporates and films for the Swiss cinema. 
He is not funny, even-though he thinks so, but with joining our team he will fulfill his vision of producing and directing movies which matter.

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our cooompany

We are passionate filmmakers aiming to produce our own

high-quality movies for the international market.

Our work is based on the traditional values of our homelands, the ancestral cattle regions of the Alps: Bavaria – Tyrol – Switzerland.

our moootivation

So many stories are burning in our hearts and we fervently wish to turn them into movies which matter and which, in turn, will move the hearts and minds of audiences all over the world.

our goooal

Like the universal language of music and the mooing of cows we too, want to create movies to be watched everywhere with a message understood by everyone.

our prooojects – our mooovies

The 30 Immortals of Geneva

genre: ​Drama, History

status: script, development​

Set in Geneva at the end of the 18th century:

Business is booming on Europe's stock exchanges – but France's future incredibly relies on the health and abstinence of 30 carefully selected young women from Geneva.

Farewell Cinema

- short film -

genre: ​Drama

status: preproduction

She awakens in an old cinema with no idea how she got there.

The only person there is an old man in the projector room. 


genre: ​Drama

status: script

Blutschuld is based on "Little Red Riding Hood" and shows the real story behind the well-known and famous fairy tale.

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